Easter Series

Some random thoughts on our recent Easter series. Hope it helps or inspires someone out there. 🙂

– Some churches launch a new series on Easter. We’ve been launching a new series 3 or 4 weeks before Easter, hoping to grab some momentum on our way in. I like both appraoches. If you launch a brand new series on Easter, it gives you something to promote and invite people back. I get it.

– Our series this year was ‘The Walking Dead’. We intentionally turned up the intensity and did our best to help people cross over from death to life.

– We really didn’t do a lot of marketing or gimmeckry. We had a basic look for the series, screens, etc. No special videos, no printed pieces, invites, etc.

– We had a few really good times around the altar during the series. People were eager to get on their knees and clear some stuff up with God.

– There was a sense of anticipation towards Easter. That’s probably the big take away from this one. It built as we went on each week. By the time Easter Sunday rolled around the energy was through the roof.

– God keeps teaching me to not be afraid to be bold or to go for the ‘big ask’. Inviting people to accept Jesus or asking them to be baptized, when they weren’t prepared for it, should be normal. Jesus asked people to take up their cross and follow him.

– A big honking Easter series doesn’t have to be expensive. We borrowed some extra lights and other than that is was good ‘ol fashioned hard work. A couple of our guys (Mark and AJ) put in ridiculous hours creating a new stage set and look for the series.

– Good series take a lot of planning. The themes, the messages, the songs, transitions, announcements, segues, etc. There are probably things we missed or things we would do differently, but all in all it was a well planned series. We probably worked 2 months on the series with a conference thrown right in the middle of it.

– Many changed lives, 18 baptisms, spontaneous baptisms, largest crowd ever, tells us that it was all well worth the effort. Giving God all the praise for amazing things He has done!


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