Keys to a Great Board Meeting

We love board meetings at Crosspoint. No. Seriously. We look forward to them. Board meetings don’t have to be bored meetings. They don’t have to stink. They don’t have to be stressful, tense, or threatening. Here are a few things we do that add value to our meetings:

– Have a plan. We don’t waste people’s time. You have to have a clear agenda and you have to keep things moving. Make sure all reports are ready, the room is ready, and have the meeting planned as best as you can.

– Have a vision. All church business has to be focused on moving your God-given vision forward. Remind people up front that every discussion and decision made in this meeting can help or hurt the vision. Meetings take on an entirely different tone when they have purpose and passion. You are answering the question, “Why am I here?”

– Keep it relaxed. I don’t mean disorderly, just not too uptight. Choose your words carefully. Keep it buoyant. Laugh, cry, stop and pray, etc. The setting of the room is huge. We’ve met in 3 or 4 different places here and we keep mixing it up.

– Coffee. Water. Snacks.

– Lead with conviction. Don’t hesitantly mumble your way through your thoughts. Share your heart. Clearly explain the direction you want to take. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

– Don’t spend inordinate amounts of time on finances and facility issues. There may be times of crises that require this but as a rule people will dread coming if they expect long periods of circular conversation without conclusions. Don’t let the same people always steer the topics or do most of the talking.

– If you don’t have much on the agenda to discuss, spend the time celebrating victories and casting vision for the future.

– Don’t be too long. We meet from 7-9:30 once a month.


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