iPad Preaching

So, I’ve been preaching off my iPad for several weeks in a row now and I’m loving it. Here are a few thoughts:

– No paper! Uh, yeah, that’s a bit of a no brainer. But seriously, I just like the clean uncluttered feel of just my bible and my iPad.

– It’s brighter. I’m only 41, but I find the iPad screen a whole lot easier to focus on than my paper notes.

– I can transition from one page to the next with the slide of my finger. No more fumbling with sticky pages or getting on the wrong page.

– I have a paper back up. I’ve never had an iPad freeze or crash, but I do print off a copy of my notes just in case the worst happens.

– It’s modern. Say what you want, go ahead and throw stones, but I think some people appreciate that we’re embracing technology and using it for the Kingdom.

Other tips:

– I lock the screen so it doesn’t accidentally change orientation on me.

– I should turn the ‘auto-off’ off but I haven’t yet. If I get away from it for a few minutes it will go black. No biggie. I don’t think people even nootice me hitting the power button. As soon as I power on, it is there.

– I’m using an iPad app called ‘Good Reader’. When I synch I just go to apps, scroll down to Good Reader, get the file I want, and voila. Very nice.



2 Responses to iPad Preaching

  1. Jen says:

    I’ve seen a few people preach with iPads now and I like it! The best part is not having to fumble with sheets of paper. One of these days, I will own an iPad đŸ™‚

  2. James Spaugh says:

    Great! I use an ipad also and use an app called Prompster. It works like a teleprompter. It’s nice so my notes will scroll along as I speak and all I have to do is touch the screen to get the scrolling to stop or start again. However, since I was used to paper pages, I’ll check out Good Reader.

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