It’s official. It’s OUTLANDISH 2011! Crosspoint’s local church conference for Atlantic Canada, New England, or anyone who can get here. Friday, April 8. All day. All out. High octane. Bringing the heat, the hot sauce and whatever else we can throw at you. When the countdown hits 0 you will want to be there!

We’ll soon be releasing the list of confirmed speakers and registration details. For now, you should plan on getting in to Fredericton on Thursday the 7th for the pre-conference intensives we’ll be doing that evening: Media, Kids, Worship, Youth, Lead Pastors.

As you know, Atlantic Canada is famous for grass roots marketing. If it’s glitzy and gimmicky, we are suspicious. But, if people get pumped and say they are going, people will line up to sign up. We need your help to ground swell this thing and get the word out. We want pastors, staff and all the people they pack into their vehicles to roll in here from every corner of the Maritimes. This event is not about us. It’s about Jesus. We want people to leave here pumped for changing their communities for Jesus.

So please point everyone you know to this blog for more updates. Plan now to bring a crowd. Let’s get the word out.

Can’t wait!!!


3 Responses to OUTLANDISH 2011

  1. Jon Dixon says:

    Love to see more information about this; we’d consider brining our staff team. I know and have huge respect for all the guys you’ve listed as speakers!

  2. timguptill says:

    Hey Jon! More info will be coming, registration details, etc. Help us pread the word. Thanks Man,


  3. Kathy Shanks says:

    Sounds wonderful and I plan to attend. I am always looking for ways to improve my leadership.

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